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Channel Founder: Tw|tch Tw|tch is Online!
Registered on: June 10, 2012, 10:28 am

Description: General Channel
Current Topic: Hello and welcome to nuPHRAX. Come on in, sit down, chillax and enjoy. |
Set by: Tw|tch on March 21, 2016 at 4:47pm

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Channel Founder: Shoobie (Last seen: July 31, 2020 at 11:28pm)
Registered on: June 6, 2013, 8:35 pm

Description: RadioMeltdown Room
Current Topic: Welcome to Radio Meltdown!!! -=- You *MUST* be 18+ to be here! -=- Please leave any drama at the door, this is a channel for music and the station. -=- Visit our Web Page at - Home of the kick-ass MeltHeads!! -=- R.I.P DJ`Chris - Part of our Family, always and forever.
Set by: CLS on May 23, 2018 at 9:04pm

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Channel Founder: Shoobie (Last seen: July 31, 2020 at 11:28pm)
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Description: RadioMeltdown DJ Room
Current Topic: Hi y'all!! IF YOU LOSE THE STREAM, LOG INTO THE BOT AGAIN! (WITH YOUR DJ NICK ON!!!!). Go to: Make sure you close the page when you are done~~~ R.I.P - sfx321 <3 ~~~ R.I.P DJ`Chris <3 ~~~
Set by: saffron on October 07, 2019 at 6:20am

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Channel Founder: JustTLy (Last seen: July 05, 2020 at 9:42pm)
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Description: general chat
Current Topic: Welcome to our very own PILLOW FORT!CONGRATS JSBUN AND WIFEBUN!!!!! where we can all be comfy n share with all our friends!! And we still have a TeddyBear for bunneh to beat up!
Set by: JustTLy on April 22, 2019 at 3:54pm

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Channel Founder: Tw|tch Tw|tch is Online!
Registered on: June 22, 2012, 9:57 am

Description: The Official nuPHRAX IRC Network Help Channel.
Current Topic: Welcome to the Official nuPHRAX IRC Network Help Channel. Please have your questions ready for the OPs, Thank you for surfing nuPHRAX IRC! | Note: Most questions can be answered by looking here;
Set by: Tw|tch on May 24, 2014 at 11:50pm

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Channel Founder: Tw|tch Tw|tch is Online!
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Description: nuPHRAX Staff
Current Topic: ermagerd, nuPHRAX sterf. lawl. We is aware. | Full Frontal Nerdity
Set by: PennyBreed on January 30, 2015 at 4:31pm

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Channel Founder: corp corp is Online!
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Description: 'Anything related to linux, unix, or electronics is welcome!'
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Channel Founder: Tw|tch Tw|tch is Online!
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Description: eh, data stuffs.
Current Topic: all ur data is belong to meh~
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Channel Founder: Tw|tch Tw|tch is Online!
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Description: Fxn
Current Topic: Hello G0t mIRC? | Well, we do! Come on in and let us help you with your mIRC client. | Latest Version: 7.57 |
Set by: Tw|tch on July 26, 2019 at 6:33am


#UnoGame on nuPHRAX IRC

Welcome To The nuPHRAX IRC #UnoGame Page!

Here you should find all the information you need to be able to play UNO!

If you're not in the channel with us already, you can join us in #UnoGame.

There's even a special bonus for our mIRC users!

Total registered users: 40
Currently in first place:
Last registered user: Starlight on Sat Aug 24 21:29:16 2013

UnoGame brought to life by nuPHRAX.

Welcome to UnoGame, the best UNO for IRC available.

Channel Information
Description: UnoGame
Last Topic: [UNO] Hello ! Come on in and play a game of [U][N][O], Have a look here for more information: [UNO]
Registered: 10/30/2015

These nuPHRAX'ers are currently in #UnoGame
Page 1 of 1

Current Scores

Alltime Top Scores
Record Player Record Data Date Set
Last Game Won
107 Points Wed Nov 25 22:24:30 2015
Top Score in a Game
223 Points Fri Jun 15 15:14:20 2012
Most Consecutive Wins
10 Games Mon Nov 16 05:41:43 2015
Shortest Game Played
18.219 Seconds Mon Nov 23 22:16:38 2015
Longest Game Played
1387.422 Seconds Fri Jun 15 15:14:20 2012

Top10 for August
Place Player Ranked Wins/Losses/Points Percent Won

Top10 for 2020
Place Player Ranked Wins/Losses/Points Percent Won
4252.5 (W124/L117/P8265) 51.45%
2525.1 (W100/L111/P5328) 47.39%
1642.1 (W61/L77/P3715) 44.2%

All scores were last updated on: Tue Dec 01 00:00:05 2015

How to play!

The objective is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.

You do that by playing your cards according to the top card,
first I'll explain what kind of cards there are and what they do:

There are numbered cards from 0 to 9 in yellow, green, red and blue colors:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0]

[S] - Skips the next players turn.

[R] - Reverses the direction of game play.

[DT] - Makes the next player draw two cards and skip thier turn.

[W] - Change to ANY color of your choice.

[WD4] - Change to ANY color of your choice AND the next player draws 4 cards and skips thier turn.

First you'll be given 7 random cards:
-UnoGame- You have been dealt these cards: [2] [5] [R] [W] [WD4] [DT] [S]

Then we begin:
<@UnoGame> Player1 starts: [5]

Now you can begin playing, you have to match either the number or the color or play a WILD card
([W] or [WD4])

So in this case you can play:
[5] or [DT] or [W] or [WD4]

You do that by using either play or pl:
<Player1> play red 5
<Player1> play green dt
<Player1> play W <red,yellow,green,blue>
<Player1> play WD4 <red,yellow,green,blue>

When you no longer have any playable cards you can draw a card:
<Player1> draw
and if you can't use that card either, you may pass and skip turn to the next player:
<Player1> pass

Note: You can also use dr and pa for draw and pass. (respectivly)

Bonus for mIRC Users!
We have a mIRC script for UnoGame that allows you to be able to simply use your mouse to play!

For the best results, save the file to your mIRC directory, then simply load it with the mIRC command:
    /load -rs X:\path\to\unogame_click.mrc
Where X:\path\to\ is the path to where you saved the script file to, again, preferably in your mIRC directory.

You can download unogame_click.mrc here, Right click on the link to the left and 'Save as...' or 'Save link as...'
    This script was last updated on: Sun, November 1st, 2015 19:05 pm

Keep on reading for some basic instructions on how it works...

Image #1 is a channel menu available via channel right click.
The options available are as follows:
  • start game.. -> sends the text '!uno' to the channel.
  • draw/pass menu -> turns on the draw/pass menu popup.
  • full words -> switch between sending 'draw/pass' or 'dr/pa'.
     Similarly the same goes for colors: 'red/blue/green/yellow' become 'r/b/g/y'.
  • double click -> switch between being able to play using a single click or double clicking.
Image #2 is the color selection popup menu you get by clicking either [W] or [WD4].

Image #3 shows the different options for draw/pass...
If you have 'draw/pass menu' option selected in the UNO menu (Image #1),
you will get the popup menu outlined with red in the bottom right corner of Image #3.
Otherwise just click on either 'Your' or 'You', which are Highlighted in red, for 'draw' and 'pass' respectivly.

Other than the above, you just simply click on the card you want to play!
If you need any further assistance, just join us in #UnoGame and we will be more than happy to help.

UnoGame Commands:

!uno nick- Start a game of uno - (nick is optional, if given a 1on1 game is started)
join- Join a game of uno - (must be done before the game is in play)
!unoremove- Removes you from the current game. (50 point deduction)
cards- Shows you your cards
count- Will show you the players and the number of cards each has
order- Will show you players, number of cards and the direction of play
!ping- Pings you
!tuno- Starts a tournament, players will have 5 mins to join.
!tjoin- joins you to the tournament. (must have at least 100 points)
!tremove- Removes you from the tournament. (50 point deduction)
!tcount- shows total matches being played
!tplayers- shows the players in the tournament
!tleft- shows the time left untill the tournament starts
!place [n|nick]- If no parameter is given, shows your place
!stats [alltime|nick]- If no parameter is given, shows your stats
!unotop10 [all|mmm]- If no parameter is given, shows the current top 10

Member Commands:

Must be logged in to use these, with the exception of the last two.
All commands sent to UnoGame via /notice
For example: /notice UnoGame identify JoeUser mYpASsw0rd

Note: Some downloaded mIRC scripts/addons send the default /notice to the recievers query (Private Message box)...
To avoid this, bypass it by using a '!' in your command.
For example: /!notice UnoGame identify JoeUser mYpASsw0rd
This will bypass any scripted commands that mIRC has by default, and use mIRC's built in command.

register <email> [passwd]- If you do not give a password, a random pass will be supplied
  Please use a valid email, you cannot recover your passwd with out it!
identify <account> <pass>- logs you into your account
drop-to drop your account.
set [email|passwd|regaddr] <value> - set various account details
  For example: /notice UnoGame set email
  please note that: /notice UnoGame set regaddr
  will set your registered address (used for autologin) to your current hostmask
sendpass <account> <registeredemail> - sends your password to the accounts registered email..(so be sure to use a valid email!)
release <account> <pass>- release a logged in account