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About nuPHRAX

What is nuPHRAX?

nuPHRAX is a small, close-knit IRC community with big ideas. We strive to bring new and social aspects to an otherwise dwindling IRC userbase. We're known for the ability to solve problems, and answer questions with utmost professionalism and accuracy. We work hand-in-hand with many of our users on their personal projects, as well as the continuing improvements of our own network.

What does nuPHRAX mean?

It means No User (nu) Put in Heirarchy (PHRA) Crossfire (X). Actually ... It doesn't. ;) We're really not sure what it means, so it means whatever you'd like it to mean.

A Brief History

nuPHRAX was originally founded by Evil_Eric in 2012 for the simple purpose of having a quiet corner of the IRC universe to call his own. After involving Tw|tch as the primary Network Administrator and Engineer, the network quickly became a poster-child for feature-rich networks, specializing in security and efficiency. During the coming months, as the network grew in popularity, PennyBreed was recruited to create the web-based front for nuPHRAX. Shortly afterward, due to unforeseen circumstances, Evil_Eric could no longer support the network in the desired fashion.


Shortly after Evil_Eric stepped down as the network founder, Tw|tch and PennyBreed continued their efforts to create a user-friendly, secure and feature rich network for its users. After some bumps in the road, and some redesigning, nuPHRAX was reborn as the network you see today.

The Future

We plan to add more features that bridge the gap between website and IRC server, while maintaining a strict sense of security, and user-friendliness as a top priority. We are currently working on some groundbreaking ideas and features, that we hope you can all enjoy. With all that said, we're always looking for new ideas and strategies to improve the overall quality of our network, and appreciate any and all feedback. Connect now, and talk to us!